Learning About Sea Giving

Sea Giving is SeaTrek’s latest venture in “Paying it Shoreward.” Pay it Shoreward is SeaTrek’s ongoing effort to give back to the educational, research, and island communities with which it interacts and collaborates. For the past 10 years, Pay it Shoreward projects have included student service and research/citizen science projects, island community training scholarships and donations, ocean and aquatic resource conservation projects, local (U.S.) community training scholarships and donations, hurricane relief, and more. Sea Giving operates to support and grow Pay it Shoreward and future mission-focused initiatives.

Guided by professional marine biologists, SeaTrek students from across the U.S. and Caribbean participate in a variety of engaging service learning and citizen science projects that center around the exploration of unique tropical environments, both above and below the water. These project options afford participants a variety of authentic, hands-on learning experiences designed to enhance their content knowledge and skill sets related to experiential marine science education, outreach and conservation. Sea Giving supports these projects and allows more students to participate, earning service and/or academic credit to further their educational and professional goals.

Sea Giving’s Pay it Shoreward In the Islands donations range from pantry food items and fleece blankets to brand new dive gear and full SeaTrek BVI program scholarships. Sea Giving tries to give back to the people of the islands as much as possible, especially to build capacity in the diving, sailing and tourism industries which are such an integral part of the culture and economy of the Caribbean. Sea Giving also provides support after natural disasters such as the 2017 hurricanes, which require extensive and on-going relief and support efforts.

Sea Giving’s Pay it Shoreward Back at Home donations range from branded dry bags and other SeaTrek gear to partial and full program scholarships. Sea Giving tries to give back to local communities back at home, especially those land-locked students who never imagined that they could do something like SeaTrek. Many SeaTrek families regularly contribute to the Sea Giving Scholarship Fund so that students in need have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and passion for the ocean.

The Officers and Board of Directors are all very committed to this work. All Board Members have witnessed first-hand (as staff and/or students) the transformative power of the various SeaTrek programs that will be be able to grow and further develop with the support of Sea Giving. SeaTrek students not only learn scuba, sailing and marine science skills and knowledge but also develop life and social skills, become more confident and independent, form friendships with peers from across the globe, explore their interests and passions, and often discover an educational and career path.


The Board will meet regularly to ensure that Sea Giving is strong and secure in the years to come. We are as committed to achievement as we expect the Sea Giving students and program participants and awardees to be. We hope to inspire others to become involved, volunteer resources and assistance, including ideas for growth, which can ensure that Sea Giving will thrive and flourish. We hope to benefit countless young people in the years to come, helping them to grow into educated and committed citizens and stewards who will do their part to Pay it Shoreward and Give and Sea Change!

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